Annual Campaign 
Press Kit

Thank you for being interested in helping promote the MYCincinnati Youth Orchestra's Annual Campaign event! This event helps us introduce the program to the world while keeping it sustainable and Keeping Music Free! 

The information below is meant to provide you with the tools to keep this message as consistent and deliverable.


Before we go further, lets address the why in all of this.

The MYCincinnati Youth Orchestra is a program of nonprofit Price Hill Will, and we simply can not do this without community effort and support. You are seeing this kit because YOU have a unique story to tell. Maybe you saw a performance, maybe your student was a member, or maybe you've seen the impact of the group on the community. 

Whatever that story is, no one can tell it but you.

And that's WHY we need you. 


OK, you need my help but..

The way you have a story, you have a platform. 

We aren't talking about social media influencers (though we will take that help), but instead your everyday platform. At work, at home, or at play we each have a community we are connected to, a community that is unquiely us.

We are asking you to share the history, mission, or just a photo with that community. Who knows, maybe they need the MYCininnati community too.

The Methods: Communicate YOUR Way


7 Points to Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube



Consistency is key with social media, so post at least 1x a week and post at ideal times based on your audience. Usually this is considered 8am and noon, however, if you are a night owl and you regularly post at 2am then go ahead and do 2am!  


Direct Messages 

Reach out to your community one-on-one and tell them about MYCincinnati to start that personal ask!  



Personalize - Sharing from MYCincinnati or Price Hill Will pages? Fantastic! Just adapt the language to fit your own personality! Our language is good, but it should still reflect you.  


The Sign Off

At the end of your post add: #KeepMusicFree, 



Quality – What overrides consistency? Quality! We are providing you with quality images and videos, use them! Every post should have media attached to it!


Public Shares

Unsure what to share? Share what's already there! Go to the MYCincinnati or Price Hill Will pages and find content with high likes or shares and share it to grow our traction. 


Language & Culture

Embrace our language & culture! Review our site for best practices for language.  

  1. Do's – family, collaborative, people-centered, accessability, community-driven 

  2. Don't say - "lifting up", serving, Urban, Disadvantaged, at-risk, etc. 







At our  summer  camp in  July, an  11-year-old student saw smoke billowing from a nearby  house. She ran  to an adult and insisted   MYCincinnati’s mission is to use ensemble-based music as a tool for  youth development by  providing children  with access to free, intense, high-quality music education. that they  come look and call the fire department. Because of  her self-confidence, the fire department  was notified in time to stop the fire and evacuate the family  that  was asleep inside. She displays the same self-confidence on stage  when she picks up her  clarinet to lead the ensemble.  Through immersion in music, all of  our  students are developing the skills to become successful  young adults  with the ability  to lead, inspire, and positively  influence their  families  and our  community. 




Can you imagine growing up in a world without music? Sadly, many children in Price Hill want to learn an instrument but cannot because of the cost, location, cultural barriers, or cuts in school music programs.  

MYCincinnati’s uses ensemble-based music as a tool for youth development by providing children with access to free, intense, high-quality music education. Your gift to MYCincinnati will have a transformational effect because, through the daily practice of collaborative music-making, students learn how to be in a community with one another, and with the world around us. 

One minute is all it takes to have a tremendous impact by helping children develop a love for music. More than anything, MYCincinnati is a musical family. Thank you for being part of our community, and for supporting our efforts as we strive for a more connected, equitable, and creative world.  



Mission: MYCincinnati’s mission is to use ensemble-based music as a tool for youth development by providing children with access to free, intense, high-quality music education. 


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