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You are receiving this message because your child is eligible to receive free, intense, high-quality, music education at MYCincinnati this school year, 2022-23 


Here are a couple of very important things to consider:  

  1. Programming for new students will begin on October 3rd.

  2. Fill out the form below ASAP.  

  3. Please do not share this link. If a friend/family is interested in the program feel free to direct them to:

NOTE: Collecting all the information early helps us to plan the year better. This information is extremely important to us. Therefore, we are happy to offer some prizes as an incentive, so you can help us by registering your child ASAP. 

We are excited to announce that this year we are going to give away a bigger prize than last year!!  

All students enrolled will be entered in a raffle drawing to win A BIG PRIZE value at $900 up to $1,200.  


If you enroll early, each child you enroll will have their name entered in the raffle multiple times.  

  • If you enroll your child within the next 48 hours (Starting once this information is sent) each child you enroll will have their name 10 times in the raffle.  

  • Every child enrolled before July 11th will have their name in the raffle 6 times. 

  • Every child enrolled before July 18th will have their name in the raffle 4 times.  

  • Every child enrolled between July 18th and Sep 30th will have their name in the raffle only 2 times.  

  • Stay tuned for more ways to enter your name in the raffle. 

  • More details soon! *See conditions HERE.  


IMPORTANT! The system catches the time and date you register, but yet we recommend you to send a screenshot of the confirmation message you receive after registering to 513-291-5276.  


Please let us know if you have a question about enrollment. 

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